Help can be just a phone call away +44(0)1243 746564
But below are a few pointers to help you navigate our site.


By entering the common name
By entering the botanical name - the first three letters should bring it up
By entering the type and colour - eg Red rose and you will see them all
Couldn’t be simpler.

Make a lightbox:

You need to register with site to use this
Open the tab at the foot of the page and click 'New'
Name your lightbox as required

Add to your Lightbox:

Click the 'Add to Lightbox' icon
Click 'Full Screen' to edit your lightbox e.g. to rearrange the sort order
Click 'Email' to send to a colleague or client

Order images:

There is a 'Get a Quote' on preview images that will email us your request
Alternatively click 'Add to Basket' and place an order from there

Delivery method:

Single image orders will be dispatched by email as High Res Jpeg
Multiple image can be zipped or downloaded automatically for account holders

Open an Account:

Once registered on our site you can apply for immediate download facilities
This service is normally reserved for users with a purchase history

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