Guide to Photographers

Thank you for your interest in Flowerphotos, set up by Carol Sharp in 1996. We have a high profile brand 

aimed principally at the design and advertising market. We are a member of BAPLA and abide by its code 

of ethics and practices. 


Flowerphotos actively markets images both in this country and overseas, especially the US, by magazine 

advert, email, direct mail outs, promotional cards, and picture buyer fairs. 


As a specialist library we are known for creative shots of flowers, fruit, leaves, vegetables, trees and plants 

including crops herbs and grasses. Images must illustrate a special quality, which sets them apart from 


DEMONSTRATE A SPECIAL QUALITY. We are currently looking for images that can be keyworded with 

concepts, such as communication, partnership, network, interaction, etc.  You can see examples by 

searching under concepts on our keyword search page. We also have a regularly updated wants list with 

what is trending and most recently asked for items.

Size of Submission 

We prefer a minimum of 100 images to be submitted as an initial submission. The minimum amount selected 

to be accepted, as a contributor is approximately 30. To increase the chances of a sale photographers 

should aim to submit frequently in the first couple of years and then build up a collection progressively 

thereafter. It is not just volume that result in sales, but quality. Our editors will be looking for your 

commitment to working with Flowerphotos to create saleable images.  

Please see the Technical Guidelines for more details. 

Notes for foreign contributors 

1. You will need to set up a Paypal account for monetary transactions between yourself and Flowerphotos. 

    You can use an existing Paypal account if you have one already. 

Images for Selection 

Flowerphotos accepts both scanned analogue and digitally captured images. Please send us either samples 

via Dropbox or a Disc containing Jpeg’s, at 72dpi (1000pxls on longest side), as well as a Hi Res test image. 

See Technical Guidelines for details.  


Flowerphotos requires each image submitted to be named putting the Common/Botanical Name + Unique 

Number as the image title and/or the common/botanical name of the subject embedded in the IPTC. 

Unnamed images are less likely to be selected.  


UK photographers are required to state whether or not they are registered for VAT and if so to give us their 

VAT number. 


In common with other photo libraries, we require our photographers to sign a contract. Our contract is ‘image 

exclusive’ – images represented by us may not be sold by any other party, except by special arrangement. 

You may sell different images through other libraries. See Sample Contract for details. 


Flowerphotos is happy to give advice on scanners, digital cameras and digital imaging, however we will not 

recommend individual products. This is due to the rapid changes and advances, currently taking place in the 

industry. For the same reason the submission requirements are regularly updated to keep the library in line 

with the rest of the industry. Flowerphotos cannot be held responsible for equipment being made redundant, 

or any additional costs incurred by the photographer, by changes made to the submission requirements. 



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